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Play – at work?

Yes, absolutely! Consultants at CPC have compiled their best icebreakers to start an online meeting or workshop. As a special treat, Enoch Li, the founder of Bearapy and expert in playfulness and mental health in the corporate environment will co-host this session.

  • Discover how you can loosen up the atmosphere of online meetings and increase the human touch.
  • Experiment with techniques that effectively set the right tone for your meeting.
  • Explore the connections of playfulness with our mental resilience
  • Of course, all games are also suitable for offline meetings.

Are online meetings really different from physical meetings?

  • Basically, no, because the same rules apply: Make sure you have a suitable agenda, invite the people who really matter for your topic, be there on time, wear pants.
  • Shared physical space does not define a meeting. A shared mental or emotional space does have a significant impact on the results of a meeting. Good meeting practices include the involvement of all participants.

Who should attend this session?

  • Suitable for everyone who enjoys a serious play and like to make meetings, workshops or get togethers more engaging

Language: English

Fee: GCC Member: Free | Non-Member: 100 RMB

Please note:

  • Please register before July 29, pm!
  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend the webinar, otherwise you might block the seat for another person.
  • Registration and payment upfront are mandatory. Please register first and you will receive an Email including payment instructions in the afternoon of July 29.
  • Registered participants will receive a confirmation mail including login link (zoom) and access information after July 30, 11AM.
  • Electronic Fapiao will be sent to your email within 10 business days after the event.


  • Enoch Li (Playfulness expert and Founder of Bearapy)

    Enoch Li

    Playfulness expert and Founder of Bearapy

    Enoch’s personal mission is to make the world mentally healthy through helping adults access their inner playfulness. From her own depression experience, she realized that many, like her, have forgotten how to play for the sake of examinations, achievements, and busyness. So, she founded Bearapy, a B2B social enterprise that provides consulting and training services to organizations and executives to build mentally health workplaces and to strengthen employee wellbeing in creative ways.

    Through Bearapy, Enoch works with multinationals, governments, and start-ups across Asia-Pacific to advocate emotional and mental health awareness for resilience, emotional awareness, leadership development, and optimum productivity. Her work is widely recognized in the society: she was awarded the Social Contributor of the Year 2018 Award by the International Professional Women's Society in China, and the Speaking Out Award by Mind HK. Her latest book, Stress in the City, shares her personal journey, discusses some fun ways to cope with depression, and suggests how adults and parents can be playful.

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  • Brigitte Neumann (Senior Consultant at CPC Consulting (Beijing) Ltd)

    Brigitte Neumann

    Senior Consultant at CPC Consulting (Beijing) Ltd

    Brigitte always hated boring meetings and started playing in the corporate environment 25 years ago. By doing so, she changed the usual frame for discussing business challenges at her corporate clients with surprisingly fast and convincing results.

    She strongly believes that a well-designed game says more than 1000 words. It gives her strong satisfaction to see the smiles on the faces of the teams and individuals she works with and to sense the atmosphere of trust and respect that comes with this.

    Brigitte is a Senior Consultant at .CPC and has broad knowledge in managing IT projects, mainly in the automotive industry and in the fields of logistics and CRM. She an expert in (agile) project management and quality management. She is an acknowledged specialist in driving innovation and creativity in companies.

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Advance payment is required.

e-Fapiao will be sent to your email in 10 business days after the event.

This will be a live event and the ticket is not refundable

Door Price RMB 100

Advance payment is required.

e-Fapiao will be sent to your email in 10 business days after the event.

This will be a live event and the ticket is not refundable

Door Price RMB 200

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