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Fundamentally, the process of successful Lean transformation rests on embedding Lean into the strategy and the corporate culture. Managers play not only the role of managers, opinion leaders and problem solvers, but also teachers. Excellent leadership is the basis and driver of exemplary processes and the key to a successful lean journey. A Lean leader manages to invite people to change and win them over to CIP. Thus, a leader can develop his team significantly if he is aware that people are different and draw on their corresponding repertoire of possible behaviors.


During this Webinar participants will get an overview of the benefits of a holistic lean Leadership approach, get deep insight into the relationships and model of leadership methods, and finally increase your impact as a leader.


Benefits 培训收益:

  • Understand logic, tools and objectives of on site management 理解现场管理逻辑、工具、目的
  • Learn tasks of on site management leadership 学习现场管理领导力任务
  • Learn to u se leadership tools and methods to create valueadded activities 能够使用领导力工具、方法开展增值活动
  • Grasp different roles for different situations 掌握不同情况使用不同的角色
  • Understand leadership behavior and its characteristics 理解领导力行为以及其特点
  • Grasp the successful elements and characteristics of on site management 掌握开展现场管理的成功要素,以及特点

Main Content 主要内容:

  • On-site management system 现场管理系统
  • Leadership tasks of On-site management 现场管理领导力任务
  • On-site management tools 现场管理工具
  • Leadership behavior of On-site management 现场管理领导力行为
  • Successful elements of on-site management implementation 实施现场管理的成功要素

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: GCC Member 德国商会会员: 200 RMB | Non-Member非会员: 400 RMB

(Video is available after the webinar.课程结束后可观看课程回放视频。)

Please note 请注意:

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  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend the webinar, otherwise you might block the seat for another person. 请只在您确定要参加在线课程的情况下注册,否则您可能会占用其他人的名额。
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  • Mr. Zifeng Li (Senior Expert at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.)

    Mr. Zifeng Li

    Senior Expert at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.

    13 years of experience in Lean Transformation and efficiency improvement
    Management of projects in rubber, automotive and medical environment
    Expertise area: All fields of Lean
    Main training topics: Lean Expert and Lean Leadership

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