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The Continuous Improvement approach (CIP) aims to provide LEAN managers with the knowledge and skills to transform their companies into a work environment with ongoing processes of improvement. To achieve this, employees need to learn how to identify areas of waste and reduce them, bring costs down, and how to enhance employee motivation. Efficiency and productivity will improve immediately when the CIP method is put into place, mainly through the development of practical solutions to eliminate waste. While products might differ in each factory, the typical wastes found in manufacturing environments are quite similar.


The "7 Wastes of LEAN" were originally categorized by Taiichi Ohno, one of the fathers of the Toyota Production System. He separated the waste he saw into seven categories, which made them easier to identify and eliminate. The 7 wastes are the root of all unprofitable work tasks in an organization. Therefore waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in manufacturing enterprises. To eliminate waste, it is important to understand exactly what waste is and where it exists.

"精益生产的7大浪费"最初是由丰田生产系统的创始人之一Taiichi Ohno创建分类的。他将所见的浪费分为七大类,这样更容易区分和消除。这七种浪费是组织中所有非盈利工作的根源。因此,消除浪费是提高制造企业盈利能力的最有效途径之一。为了消除浪费,重要的是准确地了解浪费是什么以及它存在的地方。

In this training course attendees will learn about the basics of a CIP system, the 7 wastes and the Toyota culture to better understand the tools and methods needed to establishing a problem-solving culture in a company. The training is designed to get familiar with the necessary tools and methods to implement a continuous improvement culture in your own company as well as to identify waste, including the most effective ways to eliminate it.


Target Group: All management levels from Industrial Engineer, Supervisor to Plant Manager, CIP Trainer 工业工程师、维护人员、设备和生产经理、CIP团队

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Language: Chinese/中文

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  • Mr. Zifeng Li (Project Manager at STAUFEN SHANGHAI)

    Mr. Zifeng Li

    Project Manager at STAUFEN SHANGHAI

    Mr. Li has been working for Staufen as a Project Manager since 2013. He was born in a family with a long history in the manufacturing industry, as his family owned an automobile clutch factory. Having 8 years of working experience in Global Manufacturing companies, Mr. Li has very deep knowledge of Production Management and LEAN Manufacturing. As LEAN
    Supervisor and LEAN Development Manager he was deeply involved in LEAN Transformation projects and in the implementation of LEAN methodologies and tools. His strength is the definition of comprehensive approaches for the implementation of value adding production systems mainly in Automotive and in Medical and Electronic Appliance industries. As a Project Manager at Staufen, Mr. Li is specialised in 5S, TPM, SMED, VSM, Problem Solving, Shop Floor Management and holistic LEAN transformation projects.

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