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German Chamber of Commerce - Tianjin office cordially invites you to the upcoming workshop "Assertiveness® at Workplace" on Thursday , December 12th.

During this workshop, you will learn more about the ability of "Assertiveness®" and how it is to be applied at your workplace to help you drive through the difficult situations in your career.

About Assertiveness®:

  • An ability to make conscious choices: It is a key skill that a person can think calmly and make conscious choices to achieve goals in any situation.
  • A crucial interpersonal skill: It affects 80% of interpersonal interactions, determines a person's work performance, satisfaction with themselves, and visibility and acceptance in the workplace.
  • The core of leadership: Leadership is not only about knowing and understanding, but about courage and taking actions.
  • The foundation of team effectiveness: Each member's persistence and openness to the team goal will enable the whole team to become more effective and innovative.



  • 一种自主选择力:它是一个人无论身处何种困境,都能冷静思考并有意识地做出有利于目标达成的行为选择的关键技能
  • 一项最核心的人际技能:它影响80%人际互动问题、决定一个人的工作效能、对自己的满意程度,以及在职场的可见度和接受度
  • 领导力的内核:在很大程度上,领导力不是懂不懂的问题,不是会不会的问题,也不是能不能的问题,而是敢不敢的问题
  • 团队效能和创新的基石:每个成员对目标的坚守、保持开放的坚持,才能够让团队拥有同样高效和创新的特质。




13:30 - 14:00 签到

14:00 - 17:00 果敢力®研讨会

Fee: German Chamber Member: RMB 400 I Non-Member: RMB 800

Venue: Conrad Tianjin

No.46, Tianta Road, Nankai District, Tianjin




Conrad Tianjin
No.46, Tianta Road, Nankai District
Tianjin, China


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