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1. 进行数据分析的基本思路;

2. 拿到相关信息,对数据进行描绘及其实现方法;

3. 依据数据分析得到有价值性的商业结论及其实现方法;

4. 视觉化呈现的基本方法

Training Background and Objectives:

This training course has been especially developed to introduce analytic methodologies generally used in our business from statistic view and from financial point view, trying to understanding business development, making forecast in more reliable and concrete way, and making business decisions in smart way.

This section is aimed at people who have initial exposure to data analysis in the business. In a short period of time, through the case to guide everyone to actively collect and summarize the accumulatio of relevance data, obtain the necessary analytical methods, dig out information, to achieve the following goals:

1. the basic idea of data analysis;

2. gain the relevant information to describe the data and its implementation method;

3. gain the valuable business conclusion based on relevant analysis;

4. fundamental visualization of data analysis

目标学员: 数据有基本分析要求的人员

Target group: People with basic data analysis requirements

语言: 中文


§ 商业数据分析思路

§ 商业活动中常用的数据描述方法

o 数据描述

- 数据的收集

- 数据的描绘

- 描述数据的方法

- "普通"、"偏离"和"异常"

o 数据的解释

- "神奇的词云"

- "客观评价均值"

- "多大的可能性出现特殊情况"

- "市场中的长尾"

o 挖掘出正确的数据信息

- "使用神奇数据进行产品性能设计!"

- "业绩目标合理吗?"

- "如何设定合理的目标?"

§ 数据信息的预测方法

o 挖掘影响因素的基本思路

- 时间季节方法

- 其他相关影响因素

o 方法和数据解释

- 预测的基本方法

- 分类方法

§ 决策树决策

§ 近邻决策

§ "进一步的行动会是什么"

- 回归方法

§ "采购价格预测"

- 挖掘出正确的数据信息

§ "哪些职能人员最好学?为什么?"

§ 可视化信息与数据解释

Training Contents:

§ Business data analysis ideas

§ Describing methods generally used in business

o Data description

- Data collection

- Data description

- Methods of data description

- "normal", "deviation" and "anomalies"

o Data explanations

- "the magic wordcloud"

- "objective evaluation of mean value"

- "what is the probability of a special case"

- "the long tail of the market"

o Dig out correct information from data

- "Design product features with smart data!"

- "Is the performance target reasonable?"

- "How to set a smart target?"

§ Information forecasting methods

o The basic idea to excavate influence factors

- Time seasonal factors

- Other relevant factors

o Method and explanations

- Basic forecast method

- Classification

§ Decision tree


§ "What is the next steps?"

- Regression

§ "purchasing price forecast"

o Dig out correct information from data

§ "Which function people is the top learner and why?"

§ Data visualization and explanation


  • Lixin Zhao

    Lixin Zhao

    赵立新 Grace Zhao
     20多年企业实践和培训经验,先后就职于大型国企,500强外企,负责中高层管理者的财务培训和咨询,熟悉生产、服务、建造及研发的经营管控。
     获得四大国际证书:FRM 金融风险管理师,CFA 注册特许金融分析师,CMA 注册管理会计师,ACCA 特许公认会计师
     北京大学光华管理学院,工商管理硕士
     澳大利亚麦考瑞大学,应用金融硕士
     More than 20 years of working and training experience in large state-owned enterprises and top 500 foreign companies. Financial training and consulting for middle and high-level managers, and is familiar with the management of production, service, construction and R & D.
     Certified of FRM Financial Risk Manager, CFA Chartered Financial Analyst, CMA Certified Management Accountant, ACCA The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
     Peking University, MBA
     Macquarie University, Australia, Master of Applied Finance

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