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目标与内容 Objectives and Content

This online training is designated to improve your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, by introducing what mind map is, and how it could be applied to problem analysis and the process of decision making.


参加对象 Target Group

Professionals would like to improve systematic thinking and problem solving skills to boost working efficiency.


大纲 Outline

Module 1: Cases Sharing 思维导图成功应用案例分享

  • In the workplace: training, market research, meeting management, presentation, etc. 工作场景:培训教学、市场调研、会议管理、演讲呈现等
  • In daily life: self-development, summer plan, parenting, etc. 生活场景:探索自我、暑假计划、亲子沟通、提高记忆力等

Module 2: Essentials and Application of Mind Map 模块二:思维导图的本质及实践

  • The working mechanism of our brain 大脑的工作机理
  • How to draw a standard mind map 如何绘制一副标准的思维导图(要点)
  • Draw your mind map 制作个人的思维导图("HAPPINESS")并点评
  • Present and analyze your mind map 思维导图作品展示与分析

Module 3: 5 Steps to Analyze and Solve Problems 模块三: 问题分析与解决的五个步骤

  • Define problems 定义问题
  • Analyze the essence of the problem 发现问题的本质,黄金三圈问题法
  • Creative thinking with mind map 用思维导图激发创意,寻找解决问题路径
  • Find out the best solution 决策平衡单,找到最优的解决方案
  • PDCA Cycle application 方案落地与执行的PDCA法


  • Tina Tian

    Tina Tian

    Engaged in HR strategy planning, talent development and training, career transformation and leadership coaching for over a decade 10年以上大型公司人力资源战略、人才发展及培训、职业转型及领导力发展辅导经验,累积培训、辅导超过10,000小时
    Certified coach/ facilitator/ trainer by well-known organizations and assessment systems, such as Remington Executive Coaching System (RECS), Vera8, TALENTx7, Global Career Development Facilitator, etc. 获得各大知名认证,如RECS胡家闳高管教练(2020)、领导力胜任力测评工具Vera8、学习敏锐度测评TALENTx7、全球职业生涯规划师(2010年)、思维导图(2005年)等
    Mentor of MBA Program of University of International Business and Economics 对外经济贸易大学MBA导师
    With rich experience in HR consulting, Tina founded Inspiring Management as a co-founder. Before established her own business, she started from a consultant to one of the partners in Right Management (Manpower Group), one of the world's top 500 management consulting companies. Before becoming a consultant, she worked as training and development manager, organization development manager and human resource strategy manager in Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Embraco and COFCO Coca Cola group.

    Tina has provided professional consulting and coaching services to many Fortune 500 and well-known enterprises in the world, including Lenovo Group, KPMG, Oracle, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Dowell, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Sanofi, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, Lafarge, Motorola, State Intellectual Property Bureau, Mars, Mengniu Dairy, Tiens Group, Leroy Merlin, TINAVI, etc. Besides, Tina also cooperates with famous universities include Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Career Development Center of Tsinghua University, China Women's University, University of International Business and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, North China Electric Power University, etc.



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Advance payment is required.

e-Fapiao will be sent to your email in 10 business days after the event.

This will be a live event and the ticket is not refundable

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