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Government Affairs Training: Results-Driven Chinese Government Policy Research

This course will be conducted in Chinese.

Course Objectives

One of the biggest challenges of doing business in China is lack of predictability due to uncertain regulatory and policy environment. Policy research, as the foundation of government affairs work, helps business to navigate in this environment. However, how to determine the attributes of policy information and find the right information channels, how to read it between the lines and explain the non-explainable to the headquarters, how to sort out logic and ideas through efficient communication with policy makers, and provide solution-driven recommendations to the business can be challenging to government affairs professionals.

Course Outline

Policy Research Work of Enterprises

Policy research and the system of government affairs work

The importance, difficulties, and goals of policy research

Key elements of policy research

Monitoring and collection: Effectively monitor important policies that of company's interest, get relevant useful information, and fully understand the specific requirements of the policies from different perspectives such as the central, local and industry

Research and analysis: Through understanding the policy-making process and background, as well as the profound meaning of policy provisions, conduct targeted research through multiple analytical methods, and make corresponding impact analysis

Reporting and suggestions: Combining the business status of the enterprise, explain the non-explainable, report to the company through various forms, and provide solution-driven recommendations to the senior management about how to deal with problems and seize development opportunities

Policy Research and the Strategic Development of Enterprises

Based on policy research, find the win-win point, and drive business advocacy

Professional research with theoretical guidance

Conduct in-depth policy research from the perspective of strategic development

Who Should Attend?

Senior Executives of Multi-national Companies: Aiming to strengthen the overall perception of Chinese policies, use policy research to play the strategic role of government affairs, and lead the development in China.

GA Professionals: Working in the government affairs, aiming to enhance the level of policy research ability from a strategic and systematic perspective.

Business People: Working in the PR/ Communications/ CSR/ Legal/ Plant Operation and Management, etc., and aiming to do a better job in related work through systematic study of the policy research.


  • Brent Yuan (Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates)

    Brent Yuan

    Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates

    Brent Yuan joined Yuan Associates in January 2010 and become a partner in January 2017.
    As the Senior Director for Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan is responsible for client services in across multiple sectors like manufacturing, IT, services, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, etc. Mr. Yuan focuses his energy on helping international clients to promote corporate reputation and address operational challenges, specializing in government relations and external communications. Since July 2016, Mr. Yuan has been the firm’s key trainer for the Government Affairs Certificate Training Program of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, which has received massive positive recognition after close to three years of operation.
    Mr. Yuan has valuable experience working with multinational companies, concentrating in public relations, branding, crisis management, and media relations from ten years of professional experience in relevant fields at both media outlets and multinational enterprises. Before joining Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan worked as a public communication supervisor to several multinational enterprises, including BMW and Amway. Prior to working in the public relations sector, Mr. Yuan started his career as a reporter for China Construction Machinery magazine, during which time he interviewed over 40 presidents of multinational companies.
    Mr. Yuan holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing International Studies University.

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Advance payment is required.

e-Fapiao will be sent to your email in 10 business days after the event.

This will be a live event and the ticket is not refundable

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