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Learning Objective 学习目标

The course is oriented precisely to the specifications of the Common European Framework of Reference. It facilitates integration into German-speaking life: the important areas of daily life and the workplace also takes up space.

After this training, participant can understand and use familiar daily expressions and very simple sentences to introduce yourself and others, communicate with others on topics like family, food, own house, hobbies etc.



Course Content 课程内容

Phonetics 语音

  • Alphabet 字母
  • Accent (words/sentences) 重读技巧
  • Long and short vowels 长短元音
  • Diphthongs 双元音
  • Consonants 辅音
  • Melody 语调

Listening 听力

Understand familiar words and very simple sentences that relate to family, concrete things, etc.


Reading 阅读

Understand familiar names, words and simple sentences, e.g. on signs, posters or in catalogs


Speaking 口语

Use simple phrases and sentences to describe people you know and talk about daily topics



Write a short simple postcard and holiday greetings, fill in forms in hotels, names, addresses, nationalities etc.


Main Grammar Points 主要语法点

  • Nouns (nominative/accusative) 名词(性、数、格,包括第一格和第四格)
  • Pronouns (nominative/accusative) 代词(第一格/第四格)
  • Verbs (present, perfect, conjugation) 动词(变位、时态,如现在时,现在完成时)
  • Prepositions 介词 (时间介词、地点介词等)
  • Construction 句子结构

Benefits include 课程特色

  • Small class: 7-15 participants / class 小班教学: 每班7-15人
  • Convenient online training access: Zoom Meeting 便捷的听课途径——Zoom Meeting
  • Post-training review materials 课后复习补充资料
  • Oral German practices - Online German Salon (Once a month, total 3 sessions during the curriculum) 口语实战练习——线上德语沙龙(每月一次,总共3次。)
  • Attendance certificate according to the attendance, issued by German Chamber of Commerce ( 80% of attendance or above is required. ) 课程结束后,根据参与时数由德国商会开具课时证书(出勤率达80%以上将获得学习证书)
  • Original German textbook 原版德语教材:Schritte plus 1 with CD

Target Group 参加对象

  • Beginners who are interested in German language 对德语有兴趣的入门或零基础学员
  • Professionals who require German language skills 有德语需求的专业人士

Detailed Schedule 具体时间

  • Units 课时: Total 60 units (57 units lectures and 3 units online German Salon) , 45 minutes/unit 共60课时(57课时教学,3课时线上德语角),45分钟/课时
  • Duration 日期: 10 May – 19 July 2021 2021年4月12日— 6月28日
  • Time 时间: Mondays & Thursdays: 19:00 - 21:30 周一、周四: 19:00 - 21:30
  • Online Access 线上授课工具:Zoom Meeting

*Remark 备注

1. Dates may be adjusted according to public holidays or urgent schedule changes of the trainer.

1. 日期有可能根据公众假期或讲师的突发日程变更作出相应调整。


  • Zhenhua Ren

    Zhenhua Ren

    Ms. REN Zhenhua 任振华女士
    Long-term special German teachers for Volkswagen, BMW and other German companies 大众、宝马等德资企业长期合作的特聘德语老师
    Ms. Ren, graduated from Germanistik (German studies), and studied German teaching methods in Germany.
    She used to be a teacher of the German Department of Beijing International Studies University for many years.
    With more than 15 years of rich teaching experience, she has in-depth research on German teaching for all ages and various needs, including children, adolescents, college students and adults (employees of German companies, government officials, immigrants, etc.)

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Advance payment is required.

e-Fapiao will be sent to your email in 10 business days after the event.

This will be a live event and the ticket is not refundable

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