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A successful creation of value requires an immediate identification of problems, short reaction times and the continuous implementation of solutions. This philosophy needs to be deeply embedded into day-to-day operations and can be achieved by establishing an additionalfunction within your organization. The so-called Hancho, who acts between employees and the supervisor, is responsible for permanently monitoring processes and thus for constantly promoting the CIP approach on the Shop Floor. A profound development of the Hancho's hard and soft skills is the requirement for him to become an expert in problem-solving and an excellent leader.

成功的价值创造过程需要能够立即识别问题,快速反应和持续实施解决措施。这一理念需要被深深地嵌入到日常工作中,并且可以通过在您的组织中建立一个额外的功能来实现。班组管理就是,在员工和主管之间持久监控的过程从而不断推动车间持续改进的一 系列行为。深度发展的班组长,他的硬技能和软能力是使他成为一个具有解决问题能力的优秀领导专家的前提。


  • What is Hancho? 班组管理是什么?
  • Why is Hancho needed? 班组管理的意义何在?
  • Hancho project case sharing 班组管理项目案例分享
  • Q&A 在线答疑

Target group 目标听众: Manufacturing companies that want to introduce or strengthen the Hancho function.


Language: Chinese/中文

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  • Ms. Dan Zhang (Senior Trainer at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.)

    Ms. Dan Zhang

    Senior Trainer at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.

    张丹 | Zhang Dan
    资深培训师| Senior Trainer
    Over 10 years of lean roll-out and improvement experience in tire and electronic assembly sector.
    Focused on process optimization, lean logistics and holistic lean transformation.
    Worked for Apple, Michelin and Inventec as internal trainer and Lean Manger, gaining insights on lean implementation

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