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The world-renowned Search Inside Yourself (SIY) training program was developed at Google by a team of leading experts in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience and aims to unlock your full potential—at work and in life. The SIY program provides individuals and teams with tools needed to enhance focus, resilience, and emotional intelligence and skills to improve communication, drive innovation, and inspire visionary leadership. As a result, companies and organizations effectively improve their leadership, teamwork and communication skills resulting in greater employee engagement and stronger organizational performance.

The SIY training program develops 6 key competencies:

  • Mindfulness: learn how to move away from "autopilot" to being aware and acting consciously
  • Self-Awareness: know and understand your internal states, thoughts, emotions, and habits
  • Self-Management: skillfully manage your impulses and control your reactions
  • Motivation: discover your motivations and align your values with your work
  • Emotional Intelligence: understand others' feelings and experiences and develop empathy
  • Leadership: lead with compassion and manage conflicts and difficult conversations

In this highly interactive 2-hour workshop, we will provide an introduction into the SIY program and share the latest findings about mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and effective leadership. By presenting research studies, business cases and daily life examples, we will explain why and how implementing the skills developed through SIY will benefit your personal and professional life.

This course will also provide participants with practical exercises aiming to improve focus, increase self-awareness and build emotional intelligence. You can easily use these techniques to "search inside yourself" to find out more about your thoughts, emotions and motivations and apply the newfound knowledge at your workplace to improve communication, teamwork and performance.

Target group: General Managers, Senior Executives, HR Managers, Leaders and Talents


3:00pm - 3:05pm Welcome and Introduction

3:05pm - 4:45pm Search Inside Yourself Workshop Facilitation

4:45pm - 5:00pm Q&A


  • Dr. Bjoern Lindemann (General Manager at Haver Technologies Tianjin)

    Dr. Bjoern Lindemann

    General Manager at Haver Technologies Tianjin

    Dr. Bjoern Lindemann is General Manager of Haver Technologies Tianjin and Leadership Coach with a passion for personal growth and professional development. Bjoern provides trainings based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills to boost organizational performance and help managers become inspiring, driven, and insightful leaders. Bjoern was born in Germany, and, for the past 15 years, he has held leading positions in manufacturing, business associations, consulting, academia and NGOs in Asia. Currently, he is also a Board Member of the German Chamber of Commerce in China. Drawing from his own vast experience as a leader, Bjoern understands the challenges and complexity of today’s business world and helps leaders grow personally and professionally and inspire their teams. He has facilitated successful leadership programs for executive teams and leaders from Fortune 500 companies, such as Volkswagen, and entrepreneurs and alumni groups from leading international business schools, such as INSEAD and CEIBS.

    Bjoern holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, a PhD in Chinese Studies, Executive MBAs from INSEAD and Tsinghua University, and is a certified Search Inside Yourself (SIY) teacher.

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Advance payment is required.

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