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We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Tax & Customs Update 2021: Export Control Law & Transfer Pricing on March 2 to give you an update on the new export control law as well as on customs valuation and transfer pricing.

中国德国商会诚邀您参加即将于3月2日举行的2021年 更新研讨会:出口管制法和转让定价,会议主要内容为关于新颁布的《出口管制法》的相关介绍以及海关估价转让定价的最新情况。

Topic 1: Export Control Law

China's Export Control Law ("ECL"), which came into effect December 1, 2020 fills the legal gaps of China's administration of export control and unifies the pre-existing legal framework. The unified and standardized export control measures were first applied to dual-use items and technologies and commercial cryptographic products, which will be bound to have an obvious impact on the export business of related enterprises.

The ECL provides both guidance as well as challenges to enterprises' export business. In the webinar our experts from KPMG Tianjin will discuss following questions:

  • What items are subject to China's Export Control Law?
  • How are exports regulated under the ECL?
  • Who is affected by the ECL provisions?
  • What are the penalties for export controls' violations?




  • 哪些项目受中国《出口管制法》的约束?
  • 《出口管制法》是如何监管出口的?
  • 《出口管制法》的颁布对哪类人群有影响?
  • 违反《出口管制法》将受到哪些处罚?

Topic 2: Transfer Pricing

The management of transfer pricing has always been an important topic for multinational companies. In particular, how foreign-invested enterprises conduct transfer pricing management and how the frequently changing regulations for transfer pricing by tax authorities affect the tax management of multinational companies are of great concern. At the same time, the expenses paid from inbound company to its overseas affiliated party is also a business issue frequently occurring in multinational enterprises and easily questioned by tax authorities. How to control the relevant tax risks and ensure the smooth progress of foreign exchange payment is greatly significant to the tax management of multinational enterprises.

In the seminar our experts from KPMG Tianjin will discuss following topics:

  • Introduction and compared analysis of customs valuation and transfer pricing
  • Trend of customs investigation from TP perspective
  • Methodology of analysis and explanation
  • Case examples

话题二: 转让定价



  • 海关估价和转让定价的介绍和比较分析
  • 未来海关的调查趋势
  • 税务风险管控的方法分析及解释
  • 案例分享

Language: Chinese/中文

Tickets: Member: RMB 100 德国商会会员 100元 | Non-Member: RMB 200 非会员 200元


2 PM - 2:15 PM
Welcome and Opening 欢迎致辞
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Topic 1: Export Control Law 《出口管制法》
3:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Tea Break 茶歇
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Topic 2: Transfer Pricing 转让定价
4:30 PM - 4:50 PM
Q&A 提问环节
4:50 PM - 5 PM
Closing Remarks 结束致辞


  • Mr. Ming (Lucien) Zhao (Tax Director of KPMG Tianjin)

    Mr. Ming (Lucien) Zhao

    Tax Director of KPMG Tianjin

    Lucien joined KPMG in 015, having worked in Customs for more than 12 years. He has a comprehensive understanding of Customs clearance, tax collection and management, Customs audit, after joining KPMG, Lucien provided supply chain optimization advisory, tax dispute resolution, Customs classification and valuation review, AEO authentication assistance services to multiple clients.


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  • Mr. Bill Ma (Tax Manager at KPMG Tianjin)

    Mr. Bill Ma

    Tax Manager at KPMG Tianjin

    Bill joined in KPMG in 2015. Before joining KPMG, Bill has 7 years working experience in Customs, being specialized in Customs duty collection, Customs classification, Customs exemption review, etc. After joining KPMG, he provided tax dispute resolution, Customs compliance review, export control advisory services to multiple clients. Bill is also the member of KPMG Global Export Control Practice Team.


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Room A, 41 Level Tianjin World Finance Center, 2 Dagubei Lu, Heping District, Tianjin 300020

Tianjin, China

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