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Being aware of emotional management and stress situations of employees at their workplace should be an focus area in every enterprise. Actively facing stress and managing emotions can be described as a basic requirement to establish a positive attitude towards life and work. At the same time, mastering the ability to manage your own emotions and pressure situations for yourself and others can also reduce the occurrence of conflicts and improve team work in any organization. In addition, managing your own emotions and stress is a a key factor to also maintain internal balance, reading the emotions of others is also the key to improve EQ.


For this special learning opportunity about emotional & stress management we have invited a very experienced and professional trainer from Dalian Dearfox to give participants the chance to gain deeper insights into the different sources of emotions and stress as well as how to manage them more effectively in the future.


Workshop Content 培训内容:

1. Subjective factors of stress 压力产生的主观原因

  • The subjectivity of stress 压力的主观性
  • Manage stress with the wisdom of "seeking its politics in its place" 用"在其位谋其政"的智慧管理压力

2. The influence of stress 压力的影响

  • Performance under high pressure 压力大的表现
  • Stress curve - Double-edged sword 压力曲线——双刃剑

3. Methods of stress management 压力管理方法

  • Physiological balance method 生理平衡法
  • Cognitive management of stress 压力的认知管理法
  • Borrowing method 借力法
  • Accept the failure method 接受失败法

4. Four emotions - Distinguishing the source of emotions 四种情绪——区分情绪的来源

5. Simple emotional management 简快的情绪管理

  • Positive contact method 正向触点法
  • Emotional pull-out method 情绪抽离法

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 500 RMB | Non-Member: 800 RMB

(Fee includes training documentation, lunch and coffee break 费用包括材料、午餐和茶歇)


Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang (Training Room, 2nd Floor), No. 119 Jianshe Road, Dadong District, Shenyang 110122


Please note:

  • Please register before Dec 21, 12PM! 请在12月21日中午12点前注册。
  • The total number of participants is limited, max. 2 participants per company. First come, first serve. 因人数受限,每家公司最多可有两人参加。先到先得。
  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend this workshop, otherwise you might block a seat for another person. 请只在您确定要参加在线课程的情况下注册,否则您可能会占用其他人的名额。
  • You are requested to bring and wear a face mask during the workshop, please prepare accordingly. 请携带口罩参加培训。
  • Electronic fapiao will be sent to your email within one week after the event. 电子发票将于活动结束后一周内发至您邮箱。


  • Ms. Lan Tang (Senior Trainer & Psychologist at Dalian Dearfox Spiritual Intelligence Development Institute)

    Ms. Lan Tang

    Senior Trainer & Psychologist at Dalian Dearfox Spiritual Intelligence Development Institute


    大连鼎狐心灵智能开发研究院 院长
    中欧国际工商学院的 EMBA ;
    NLP 简快高级培训师,NLP 专业教练;

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Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang 沈阳伍尔特工业园

No. 119-2 Jianshe Road,SEUZ, Dadong District
Shenyang 110122

ShenyangLiaoning, China

If you have any questions please contact Block 布鲁克 Jan Carl

Contact Organizer

+86 18640178496

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