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In recent years, tools that aim to support structured thinking are more and more appearing on online knowledge platforms. In the meantime, the mind mapping technique has become the most popularvisual thinking tool because of its high efficiency and easy learning approach. The structured thinking approach of mind mapping is helping you to disassemble the key elements of a larger topic, so you can structure your thinking and communication more clearly. At the same time, the visualization approach of mind mapping can also effectively improve our learning ability as well as simplify the complexity of information to enhance your memory.


In this practical half-day workshop, our very experienced trainer Ms. Ren will give participants insights into this creative visual technique. Through exercises and practice the participants will learn how to integrate mind mapping effectively in their work environment.

此次半天的Workshop, 任洁老师将带大家深入了解思维导图,通过大量练习和实践为大家展示如何在日常生活中高效运用思维导图。

Workshop Outline 课程大纲:

Part I: Thinking development 思维拓展

1. Logical Ability 逻辑能力

  • Determine the topic 确定主题
  • Clear classification 分类清楚
  • Arranging order 排列有序

2. Dimensions extension 延展维度

  • Avoid ambiguity 避免歧义
  • Comb the logic 梳理逻辑
  • Stimulate thinking 激发思考

3. Deep Digging 挖掘深度

  • Time structure 时间结构
  • Spatial structure 空间结构
  • Fulcrum structure 支点结构

Part II: Creative decision-making 创意决策

1. Draw inferences from one instance 举一反三

  • From idea to principle 由想法到原理
  • Building an idea pool 构建想法池
  • Fission multidimensional ideas 裂变多维度想法

2. Double value decision method 双值决策法

  • Choose one of the two dilemmas 两难问题二选一
  • Thinking from the perspective of unity 从统一角度思考
  • Emphasis on Objectivity 强调客观性

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: Member: RMB 200 德国商会会员 200元 | Non-Member: RMB 400 非会员 400元


Thyssenkrupp Presta Dalian Co., Ltd., No. 22 Taihe Street, Dalian Economic & Technological Development Zone


Please note:

  • Please register before Mar 4, 12PM! 请在3月4日中午12点前注册。
  • The total number of participants is limited. First come, first serve. 因人数受限,先到先得。
  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend this workshop, otherwise you might block a seat for another person. 请只在您确定要参加的情况下注册,否则您可能会占用其他人的名额。
  • You are requested to bring and wear a face mask during the workshop, please prepare accordingly. 请携带口罩参加培训。
  • Electronic fapiao will be sent to your e-mail within one week after the event. 电子发票将于活动结束后一周内发至您邮箱。


  • Ms. Jie Ren (Senior Trainer & Learning Expert at Shanghai Xuebei Business Consulting Service Co., Ltd)

    Ms. Jie Ren

    Senior Trainer & Learning Expert at Shanghai Xuebei Business Consulting Service Co., Ltd

    任洁老师,思维 训练 专家,教育学博士
    美国 AACTP 国际注册培训讲师
    英国博赞思维导图 全球认证讲师( TBLI

    任洁老师拥有十余 年大型跨国 企业培训经理,人力资源总监经历, 先后 服务于 DELL,Accenture 等世界 500 强外资企业 。 外企工作中 结合 中 西方 双层 系统管理工作流程及工具方法, 致力于企业员工的思维体系建设,思维工具运用及 创新思考 等领域 。 连续三年,年授课量 100+ 天。尤其是思维导图课程返聘量达到 70% 以上,创造了多家企业培训的学员满意度历史记录!

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