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Whether you are currently working on an idea, a side project or you want to start your own business, getting input from those who failed and find out about new, maybe unconventional approaches to solve problems can make all the difference. In this event, you will hear about the failures and successes of a German entrepreneur residing in China since 2011.

People are driven by different motivations to become their own boss, but it is extremely important for you to find out what that is. Use this event to learn more about what drives you and find inspiration to work towards your bigger goal. At the end of the event, you have the chance to share your ideas or discuss other people's projects as well as to mingle with other participants.

Target Group:

Those who want to learn more about the practical aspects of entrepreneurship or who are considering getting their own ideas off the ground in the future.

About Event Series "Career Path"

We are facing a world of increasing demand for performance, fierce competition, accelerating change, and uncertainty about the future. The key is powerful leadership. The members of the Wirtschaftsjunioren have successfully implemented various leadership techniques in many cross-cultural teams and organizations. This seminar series on leadership for the most part provides descriptions of traits, styles, characteristics, theories, techniques, information, and strategies on how to lead your team and organization.

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  • Constantin Colberg (Fitness Entrepreneur)

    Constantin Colberg

    Fitness Entrepreneur

    Constantin Colberg is a fitness entrepreneur, born in Berlin Germany who has been living in China since 2011. He originally studied business administration at the Viadrina in Germany and used to work for internet and consulting firms. Constantin founded several companies including a successful personal training studio in Beijing. He is also building the first fitness trainer app for professionals in China and published his new book “Shape It and Live It” in August this year. Constantin is well known in the Chinese fitness industry not only because he was the national bodybuilding champion in Germany and China in 2017, but also because he taught Chinese fitness trainers at local trainer schools in Beijing for several years.

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  • Johanna Heinzmann (Moderator) (Regional Manager Tianjin at German Chamber of Commerce in China | North China)

    Johanna Heinzmann (Moderator)

    Regional Manager Tianjin at German Chamber of Commerce in China | North China


6:30 PM - 6:45 PM
6:45 PM - 7 PM
Welcome by Wirtschaftsjunioren Beijing
7 PM - 7:50 PM
o Finding ideas and evaluating them
o Writing a business plan and throwing it away
o Starting up with or without money
o Crashing
o Self-talk and mental health
7:50 PM - 8 PM
Q&A Session
8 PM - 9 PM

Wirtschaftsjunioren BJ

The Wirtschaftsjunioren Beijing are part of the German Chamber of Commerce in China | North China and a group of young managers and entrepreneurs of different industry backgrounds and nationalities with a long-term interest in China. The Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders Beijing provides a networking and learning platform for young entrepreneurs and managers, who are interested in developing their professional skills, expanding their network, broadening their personal knowledge and sharing their experiences.

The Wirtschaftsjunioren | Young Leaders are the German arm of the Junior Chamber International. The Wirtschaftsjunioren Beijing Chapter is guided by the principles of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Germany.

Our Organization is managed in working groups with predefined topics to ensure the coverage of all relevant topics. The event series "Career Path" is organized by the working group three (WG III) Dynamic Entrepreneurs and Leadership which its main topics in: Entrepreneurship in China; Chinese labour law and legal services; Business with Chinese company's and clients; Lead of international teams, Market; corporations and business model analysis; Finance, Taxation and investment regulations.