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As a manager, leading a team with different strengths and different personalities to complete a series of tasks is full of challenges and uncertainties. Under the influence of various subjective and objective factors, internal and external factors, how to make each team member achieve the expected goal to the maximum extent is a problem that every manager is facing today.


This leadership workshop will introduce management techniques and strategies needed to make your team more efficient as well as supporting your team to perform better and will focus on the following aspects:


Outline 课程大纲:

1. Management vs. Leadership 管理vs领导

  • What is management? What is leadership? 什么是管理?什么是领导?
  • Do you want to be a manager or leader? 你要成为一个管理者还是一个领导者呢?
  • How to recognize each different subordinates? 如何认知每个不同的下属,有没有什么规律?
  • How to treat different subordinates? 如何对待不同的下属呢?

2. Understanding of the mechanism of subordinates' behavior 下属行为产生机制的认知

  • Why do people in the same position behave differently? What is influencing human behavior? 为什么同样岗位的人,行为表现却不同?是什么在影响着人的行为产生呢?
  • Since the mechanism of human behavior is determined by many factors, is a single management model / theory effective? 既然人的行为产生机制有很多因素决定,那么单一的某个管理模型/理论有效吗?
  • Is there a more effective leadership model? 那么基于行为产生的多因素机制,有没有更为有效的领导模型呢?

3. Sand table simulation 沙盘模拟及实战演练

4. Summary & Review 总结回顾

Target Group 课程对象:

General Manager, Dept Managers, Team Leader, HR Manager 企业总经理、中高层管理者、部门队长,HR主管/经理

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 500 RMB 德国商会会员 500元 | Non-Member: 800 RMB 非会员 800元

(Fee includes training documents & lunch, coffee break)


Webasto (Changchun) Ltd., No. 1398 Fuao Road, Automotive Industries Development Area, Changchun


Please note:

  • Please register before Nov 10, 12PM! 请在11月10日中午12点前注册。
  • The total number of participants is limited, max. 2 participants per company. First come, first serve. 因人数受限,每家公司最多可有两人参加。先到先得。
  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend this event, otherwise you might block a seat for another person. 请只在您确定要参加在线课程的情况下注册,否则您可能会占用其他人的名额。
  • You are requested to bring a face mask to the workshop, please prepare accordingly. 请携带口罩参加培训。
  • Electronic fapiao will be sent to your email within one week after the event. 电子发票将于活动结束后一周内发至您邮箱。


  • Mr. Xing Han (Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School)

    Mr. Xing Han

    Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School


Webasto (Changchun) Ltd.

No.1398 Fuao Road, Automotive Industries Development Area

ChangchunJilin, China

If you have any questions please contact Jan Block

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