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We've been in the process of transitioning to Industry 4.0 ever since 2013. It's proven to be a long and complex journey. The machines in your production facilities are increasingly equipped with IoT-sensors, creating data that can help reducing production downtimes by doing Predictive Analytics/Maintenance. The huge amount of datathat it produces, pose new challenges to the efficient analysis:


When we are talking about these fast applications with smart devices, what's the challenge for us?


How to resolve big data volume problem in platform side?


How to implement a Real-Time decision based on sensor data?


How to provide edge computing service instead of the service from data center side?


In manufacture industry, how to do the predictive maintenance more efficiently?


In the first Big Data wave some years ago, all information was sent into data lakes in backend systems. This led to bottlenecks in the compute and volume of data to be processed in the backend, overloaded the network to the backend and created unwanted latency. Building intelligent computing for the loT edge is not easy. Providing security and integrating applications is difficult, getting wireless and embedded systems working together is tough, and integrating with your ERP (SAP etc.) to influence your business decisions can be a complete nightmare.


The new trend of Edge Computing addresses this, with analytics servers next to the machine park: Computing takes place at the edge where the data is produced, only refined data is transferred into backend systems. The information won from the Big Data brings more business value when interconnected into your production systems, such as ERP and MES. With increasing amount of intelligent machines connected into your LAN, ports and machines need to besecured against hacking.


In this webinar, T-Systems introduces holistic approach to Edge Computing, Big Data and interface into SAP, and securitization of OT (Operational Technology), to show you how IoT can help your company run more intelligent and bring a business growth.

在此网络研讨会上,T-Systems会介绍边缘计算,大数据与SAP的结合,以及OT (Operational Technology)安全的整体方案, 向您展示物联网如何帮助您的公司更智能地运行并带来业务增长。

Agenda 活动流程:

Introduction of T-Systems and presentation topic (5mins, Martin Muens)

T-Systems公司介绍 (5分钟, Martin Muens)

Edge Computing, Big Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

(20mins, Weng Xiaojie)

边缘计算,预测性维护的大数据分析(20分钟,Weng Xiaojie)

Interfacing into SAP; pre-conditions of SAP (15mins, Ivan Sun)

与SAP接口,先决条件 (15分钟, Ivan Sun)

Securitization of OT (10mins, Naosad Hossen)

OT 安全 (10分钟, Naosad Hossen)

Q&A (10mins)

问答 (10分钟)

Language | 活动语言:English | 英文

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  • Naosad Hossen (Portfolio and Solution Design Manager at T-Systems China)

    Naosad Hossen

    Portfolio and Solution Design Manager at T-Systems China

  • Martin Muens (Global Account Manager at T-Systems China)

    Martin Muens

    Global Account Manager at T-Systems China

  • Ivan Sun (SAP Portfolio Manager at T-Systems China)

    Ivan Sun

    SAP Portfolio Manager at T-Systems China

  • Xiaojie Weng (Dedicated SI Portfolio Manager at T-Systems China)

    Xiaojie Weng

    Dedicated SI Portfolio Manager at T-Systems China


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