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Due to the current decline in demand and rising costs for businesses, particularly manufacturing companies might face an increase in labor disputes in the future. The termination of a labor contract in China is a complicated procedure that requires to follow strict procedures and, under some conditions, explicit approval from the government. When restructuring a company, employers must take caution of numerous regulations and the rights of their employees and workers.


With the successive implementation of new labor law regulations, most enterprises have already adjusted their traditional labor concept, but most of the possible labor disputes in areas such as labor dispatch, occupational injury, labor contract, social insurance, overtime pay etc. many companies are still struggling with.


In this webinar, Mrs. ZHANG Zheng | Partner (China) and Mrs. QIN Anqi | Senior Associate from Luther Law Offices Shanghai will share their expertise and case experience on legal regulations and procedures as well as the most common mistakes in labor disputes with employees in China.


Webinar Outline 课程大纲:

1. Overview and Resolution Patterns of Labor Disputes in China 中国劳动争议概述以及主要解决方式。

2. Common Disputable Points in Labor Disputes 劳动争议中常见的争议焦点

  • Remuneration 劳动报酬
  • Termination and Expiration of Employment Relationship 劳动关系的解除和终止
  • Nonpayment or Underpayment of Social Insurance and Housing Fund Contributions 社会保险以及住房公积金的不缴或少缴

3. Evidence Requirements in Labor Disputes - Analysis on a Case Study Basis 劳动争议的举证要求 - 从案例分析出发

  • Application of Business Suspension 停工停产的适用
  • Company Relocation 企业搬迁
  • Unilateral Termination by the Employer 企业单方解除劳动关系
  • Misconduct of the Employees 员工违纪
  • Significant Change of Objective Circumstances 客观情况发生重大变化
  • Incompetence of the Employees 员工不胜任

4. Tendency of Labor Disputes Solutions in China 劳动争议解决的发展趋势


13:45 - 14:00 Log-in and webinar set-up 登录和测试

14:00 - 14:45 Presentation Part I (By Ms. Zhang Zheng) 第一部分内容分享

14:45 - 16:00 Presentation Part II (By Ms. Qin Anqi ) 第二部分内容分享

16:00 - 16:30 Q&A 问答环节

Language: Chinese/中文

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  • Ms. Zheng Zhang (Partner (China) at Luther Law Offices Shanghai)

    Ms. Zheng Zhang

    Partner (China) at Luther Law Offices Shanghai

    ZHANG Zheng has been practicing as a professional lawyer since 2011. She focuses on foreign investment, M&A, compliance and internal investigation and dispute resolution. Ms. Zhang participated in numerous M&A transactions of famous European / international enterprises in China, led the legal due diligence and contract drafting portions of the M&A projects; provided compliance related services to various clients in the food and medical industries, including compliance training, compliance checking and internal investigation; she participated and took on a leading role in many domestic and international arbitration and litigation cases covering Sino-foreign JV disputes, R&D disputes in the automotive industry, international sales contracts, product liability disputes and disputes in construction projects, etc. In addition, she also represented German enterprises in China in the labor arbitration procedures, and provided legal advice on employee settlement plans in their relocation, reorganization and liquidation processes.

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  • Ms. Anqi Qin (Senior Associate at Luther Law Offices Shanghai)

    Ms. Anqi Qin

    Senior Associate at Luther Law Offices Shanghai

    Qin Anqi has more than 7 years of practical experience in the field of labor law. She provides labor legal advice to enterprises supporting their daily operation, including but not limited to negotiation on collective contracts, drafting legal documents such as employee handbooks and labor contracts, and helping enterprises establish special working hours systems, etc. Furthermore, Ms. Qin is an experienced professional lawyer in handling labor disputes, such as termination of labor relations, collective bargaining, representing clients in labor arbitration & litigation procedures, etc. She has participated in collective negotiations and mass termination of employees on behalf of manufacturing enterprises; participated in and led several investigations for multinational companies on employees’ violation of non-competition or anti-bribery obligations, and successfully reclaimed embezzled money from said employees; she has represented clients in settling the collective labor disputes properly during its business suspension period; she has also supported clients in designing and implementing employee arrangement plans in their relocation processes.

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