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"Inventory is money, while turnover is key!" With the business target to save costs and maximize profit, it is particularly important for enterprises to effectively control their inventory with LEAN methods. What are the root causes for a low inventory turnover rate? How to improve your inventory turnover rate? How to reduce inventory cost and improve capital efficiency?

"库存就是钱,周转是关键!" 企业以节约成本、实现利润最大化为经营目标,运用精益方法对库存进行有效控制显得尤为重要。存货周转率低的根本原因是什么?如何提高库存周转率?如何降低库存成本,提高资金使用效率?

This online course will provide answers to these questions and show participants how the implementation of an effective inventory management can help you to achieve the goal of a lower inventory and higher profits while at the same time satisfying your customers.


Main Content 主要内容:

  • Know the lean inventory management, the purpose and logic way, and the indictors for inventory management 了解精益库存管理,其目的和逻辑,及库存管理常用指标
  • Root causes for low inventory turnover rate 导致库存周转率低的原因
  • Fast ways to improve inventory turnover rate 快速提升库存周转率的方法
  • Introduction of relevant tools & methods 库存相关工具的介绍
  • Case sharing of successful implementation 成功案例介绍

Course Benefits 课程收益:

  • Understand the purpose of inventory management, the core of inventory management 了解库存管理的目的,及库存管理的核心
  • Understand the logic of inventory optimization, and lean principle in inventory optimization 了解库存优化的逻辑, 精益原则在库存优化中应运
  • Know the factors of caused low inventory turnover rate, and define the reasonable measures to improve 知晓导致库存低周转率的因素,定义合理的改进措施
  • Have a good command of related tools applied in inventory management 更好的掌握库存管理相关的工具

Target Group: Buyers, Sourcing & Supply Chain Managers, Procurement Manager, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Managers, CIP & LEAN Managers 采购员、采购和供应链经理、采购经理、仓库经理、库存经理、CIP和精益经理

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: GCC Member 德国商会会员: 200 RMB | Non-Member非会员: 400 RMB

(Fee includes presentation as PDF file, video playback function, electronic fapiao 费用包括培训课件文件,课程视频录像,电子发票 )

Please note 请注意:

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  • Please only register if you´re certain to attend the webinar, otherwise you might block the seat for another person. 请只在您确定要参加在线课程的情况下注册,否则您可能会占用其他人的名额。
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  • Mr. Kevin Zhao (Senior Consultant at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.)

    Mr. Kevin Zhao

    Senior Consultant at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.

    14 years of experience in Lean implementation & Continuous Improvement, project management, purchasing & supplier management
    Certified Six Sigma black belt and trainer, VDA6.3 3rd party auditor, mainly focus on lean transformation, strategic purchasing, lean logistics, supplier evaluation and development, supplier relationship management etc.

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