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On March 25, 2021 the German Chamber in Shenyang will host an advanced EXCEL Workshop on the topic "Proficiency Master & Expressing Your Data with Microsoft® Office Excel" at Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang.

德国商会沈阳办公室将于3月25日在沈阳伍尔特工业园举办关于Excel -高质量的数据掌控for 表达的培训。

This full-day EXCEL workshop will focus on the study of improving efficient Excel data application, provide knowledge of data table optimizing and adjusting, introduce upgradetools of data processing and analyzing, teach the typical function application analysis and the rules of dynamic graphs, basic knowledge of VB and Macro application.


Course Targets 课程培养目标:

  • Attendees can design the database structure, regular data processing, statistics and presenting independently. 可以独立完成数据表结构设计并进行常规化的数据处理/统计与呈现工作.
  • Trainees select suitable analysis methods and generate standard analysis report in different situations. 可以在面对繁复的数据处理/分析需求时顺利理清问题解决思路并可以选择适宜工具解决问题;

Course Outline课程大纲:

1. Master the rules of Excel data table shortcuts actions 掌握 Excel 数据表格处理过程中的快捷操作规则及技巧

  • About the rules and methods of bulk editing 关于数据内容的批量填写及批量函数编辑规则
  • About the methods of excel data shortcuts and quick editing 关于Excel软件应用过程中的快捷键及快速编辑应用

2. Master the rules of VB code and Marco in Excel 掌握 EXCEL 中 VB 及宏应用规则

  • About using VB to realize from bulk data collecting or splitting which are complex process to one-button process 关于EXCEL中应用VB实现类似批量数据收集、拆分等繁复操作的一键化
  • About realizing all kinds of duplication operation to simplification operation 关于EXCEL中各类重复性工作的模块化与简易化

3. Master the methods of data table structures format and standardize掌握数据 表格结构与数据格式 的规范化处理模式

  • Can tell the which data table structure is easier to fill in or analysis 关于更适于填写及更适于分析的数据表格结构不同
  • About the data format influence on data analysis processing 关于数据格式对数据分析过程的影响分析
  • About setting and debugging process of data table structure and data format 关于数据表格结构及数据格式的设定与排错处理进阶

4. Advanced function application rules 关于函数应用规则与进阶

  • About analyzing the accurate match and approximate match of query functions-VLOOKUP 关于查询函数VLOOKUP的精确匹配与近似匹配分析
  • How to understand and use VLOOKUP, such as according to row and columns, compare with multi-data tables 关于VLOOKUP函数与其他函数的动态匹配查询
  • About analyzing the functions of MATCH and INDEX when we are capturing data 关于数据抓取过程中的MATCH与INDEX函数分
  • About analyzing the INDIRECT function in the process of using multi dropdown box 关于多级下拉选单应用过程中的INDIRECT函数分析
  • About analyzing SUMIFS and IF functions in the process of data calculation and judgement 关于数据计算与判断过程中的SUMIFS函数与IF函数的应用分析
  • About creating dynamic control query form to use DSUM/DAVERAGE functions 关于应用函数DSUM/DAVERAGE等函数进行动态操控类查询表单的创建
  • About using Self-Defining Function, self-defining a function through VB code关于通过VB实现定制化运算需求

5. Advanced data analysis 关于进阶的数据分析过程

  • About analyzing the cases of user-defined/multi-condition 关于自定义序列/多条件排序的案例分析
  • About data calculation and verification process under the sort and advanced filtration situation 关于筛选/高级筛选思路下的数据计算与核验过程
  • About how to use PivotTable to summarize and analyze through multi-perspectives 关于数据透视表分析过程中的关于数据呈现/规则分类/格式设定进阶
  • About designing the data Pivot chart presentation based on data PivotTable 关于基于数据透视表进行可控的数据透视图展示设计

6. Master Excel data protection rules 掌握 EXCEL 数据保护设定规范

  • About setting database protection detailed rules 关于工作中与生活里的密码设定规则详解
  • About setting application rules of different kinds of data sheets, areas and their range of usage in Excel data table 关于Excel数据表格中的不同数据/不同权限的不同应用规则设定

7. Design advanced graphs and presentation standardize 关于高阶图表设计与呈现规范

  • About realizing mixed diagrams application designing between column diagram and line diagram, data chart and map charts situations 关于柱形图与折线图、数据图表与地图应用类的复合类图表设计思路与实现
  • About typical cases study and dynamic charts design logic thinking and techniques 关于可操控呈现的动态图表设计思路与典型案例分析

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 500 RMB I Non-Member: 800 RMB

(Fee includes training documentation, lunch and coffee break 费用包括材料、午餐和茶歇)

Please note:

  • Please register before March 24, 12PM! 请在3月24日中午12点前注册。
  • We recommend you to use your own laptop and IT equipment (mouse, charger ... if needed) during the training, but we´ll provide you with suitable power supply. Microsoft EXCEL Version 2013 or above should be installed ! 请您携带自己的笔记本电脑及IT设备(鼠标、充电器等)参与培训,我们将为您提供电源。Microsoft Office 软件建议为2013或以上版本。
  • You are requested to bring and wear a face mask during the workshop, please prepare accordingly. 请携带口罩参加培训。
  • Electronic fapiao will be sent to your e-mail within one week after the event. 电子发票将于活动结束后一周内发至您邮箱。


Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang (Training Room, 2nd Floor), No. 119 Jianshe Road, Dadong District, Shenyang 110122



  • Mr. Pasta Pei (Trainer at Beijing Peifeng Education Consulting Co., Ltd.)

    Mr. Pasta Pei

    Trainer at Beijing Peifeng Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Pei engages in corporate MS Office training, consulting and lecturing and offers professional IT trainings and services for many MNCs, GOVs, colleges and universities for over 10 years.

    He has extremely rich training experience on corporate IT techniques training and high efficient Office series workshops. His courses are always taylored to customers’ requirements and customized to suit the requirements of IT system software applications and training solutions to support employees in better understanding and improving their work efficiency.

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Wuerth Industrial Park 沈阳伍尔特工业园

No.119-2 Jianshe Road, Dadong District

ShenyangLiaoning, China

If you have any questions please contact Chaoran Hu

Contact Organizer

+86 2481113996

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