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为了进一步响应《国务院关于扩大对外开放积极利用外资若干措施的通知》(国发【2017】5号)精神, 天津市政府于2017年中制定了《天津市人民政府关于扩大对外开放积极利用外资的若干意见》(津政发[2017]26号)。其中大量篇幅阐述了“支持海外高层次人才在津创业发展“的政策,例如”对持有外国人永久居留证的外国人创办的科技型企业,与在津内资企业享受同等待遇。落实外籍高层次人才及其配偶、未成年子女申请在华永久居留的政策,扩大长期居留证件签发范围,允许外籍高层次人才及其随迁配偶、子女在津居留期限内申请享受多次往返签证及相关政策。“ 这些支持天津创新出入境政策陆续实施,对外籍高层次人才、外籍华人等群体的政策较之前有了进一步突破和提高,有利服务了地方经济发展,聚集了创新创业人才,产生了较好的社会效果。


1. 出入境管理局服务举措宣讲:
· 公安部支持天津发展建设服务新政策
· 外国人常见违法行为认定及处罚标准
· 出入境三资企业境外人员管理科经办的出入境业务

2. 支持天津创新发展出入境政策措施永久居留专题
· “绿卡”制度实施简介
· 新旧政策对照
· 新政策指南
· 夫妻团聚类永居

German Chamber of Commerce - Tianjin office, in cooperation with AmCham China, Tianjin and the European Chamber, would like to invite you on March 30th for a seminar on the Public Security Bureau’s new residency policies.

In order to further respond to the “State Council’s Measures to more actively utilize Foreign Capital in Opening Up to the Outside World, in 2017 Tianjin Municipal Government passed the “Ideas on Actively Utilizing Foreign Capital in Opening Up to the Outside World.”

A significant portion of this law is dedicated to explaining the “Attracting High-Level Foreign Talent and Entrepreneurship Policy,” which aims to attract foreigners who hold long-term residency permits and seek to start tech companies. This policy helps to ensure that foreign companies in Tianjin receive equal treatment with their domestic counterparts and assists high-level talent and their families in applying for long-term residency in China. Success entails increasing the scope of long-term residency permit issuance, allowing high-level foreign talent and their families to apply for multiple-entry visas within a limited timeframe.
These innovative residency provisions not only benefit foreign talent, overseas Chinese, and other groups, but in turn drive regional economic development, attract entrepreneurial talent, and help produce a moderately prosperous society.

During this seminar, Chief of Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Tianjin Public Security Bureau, along with government experts in managing foreign ventures and staff will explain the following and answer related questions:

1. An Explanation of Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Tianjin Public Security Bureau services and responsibilities:
- Ministry of Public Safety’s new policies for developing services in Tianijn
- Punishments and fines for illegal behavior most commonly perpetrated by foreigners
- Section Chief of Public Security Bureau’s foreign enterprises and staff explains immigration services

2. Policies for the innovative development of Tianjin’s long-term residency policies
- Brief regarding “Green Cards”
- Review of new and old policies
- Guide to new policies
- Reuniting spouses for long-term residency

Language: Chinese 中文

14:30 - 15:00 Registration and Networking 签到联谊
15:00 - 15:15 Opening Remarks from Vice Director of Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Tianjin Public Security Bureau and Chairmen of the respective chambers commerce 开幕词,天津出入境管理局负责人及各商会董事会代表
15:15 - 16:00 Policy Briefing by Section Chief of Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Tianjin Public Security Bureau's Foreign Enterprises and Staff Department 政策宣讲, 天津出入境管理局三资企业境外人员管理科官员
16:00 - 16:30 Q&A 问答及一对一咨询

Fee: German Chamber Member: RMB 200 I Non-Member: RMB 300


The Astor Hotel Tianjin
Windsor Conference Room, 8F, The Astor Hotel Tianjin, No. 33 Tai Er Zhuang Road, Heping District, Tianjin
利顺德酒店8层温莎会议室, 天津和平区台儿庄路33号

Tianjin, China

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